About Us

Welcome To Our Company!

Heaven is right here for all those meat and chicken lovers as we, Pure Protein Private Limited, are known for providing the best variety of non-veg food items. Right from Marinated Mutton and Chicken, Fresh Mutton, Roasted Mutton and Chicken, Bacon, Assorted Salami & Sausages to Ready to Eat Food, we offer the most lip-smacking variety. We are popular in the meat industry not just because we offer mouth-watering meat but also because we offer quality approved items. 

Meat and chicken are always on high risk of getting affected by different diseases, which if consumed by humans affects their health severely. Thus, it is important to ensure that the breeding and processing of the meat is done carefully. As we are backed by state-of-the-art cold storage rooms and equipment we are able to maintain the quality of our frozen food and all other items efficiently till long period of time. We are engaged in this business as a manufacturer, retailer and exporter since the year 2013 and over the years we have become totally aware of this market segment. 

Our Brands

The popular food brands whose products we sell in the market include:
  • Retail: Pure Protein (Slicing Up Freshness)
  • Processed: Smokehouse
  • Online: Meatmart.biz
  • Export: Meteorite
Relishing Taste Buds!

It's time for you to relish your taste buds as our offered chicken, mutton, ready to cook and all other variety of food items taste the best and are the most nutritive compared to other food dealers. We process and keep our products in quality and hygienic conditions and thus, we can guarantee that our customers will receive only quality filled products. Moreover, we are so sure of our products quality as most of the meat we provide is Farm sourced and thus, we are able to keep a check over its entire breeding process, hygiene, feeding, welfare etc. Hygiene plays the most crucial role in quality management, which is why constant inspections are carried out internally and externally. 

What Makes Us Different?
  • Ideas: We make consistent efforts to get fresh and innovative ideas in order to develop our business from all aspects. 
  • Vision: We seek to provide only quality products and attain sustainability in our business.
  • Support: We are supported by dedicated professionals, associates and vendors, who help us in our progress. 
  • Customer Requirements: We are able to anticipate customer or market requirements before hand.
  • Timely Improvement: We keep examining our reviews, reports and feedback and accordingly work to provide corrective results.

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